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Protect your bottom line

The first step towards a reliable repair is figuring out what is going wrong inside your vehicle's engine, electrical devices, or other essential system. Trust our experts to crack the case quickly and give you real options for moving forward.

Do you run a business that relies on your diesel vehicle? Stay on schedule and save big bucks by turning to the affordable experts that respect your needs. We'll work fast and do more for less so that you can get back to doing what you do best.

Why is that "check engine" light on?

Sometimes it's hard to tell exactly what is causing a problem with your vehicle. Trust our advanced techniques and electronic diagnostic methods to help you pinpoint the problem with your vehicle, whether the issue is in the engine or elsewhere.


You'll get real solutions from our straight-shooting technicians. Reach out to us today about your vehicle.

Shop local and benefit

Turn to the family owned and operated team that's been serving the region since 1985, and you'll see why we've been welcomed into the NFIB.


You'll enjoy benefits like our guarantees on every job we do. Rest easy and let the auto care professionals take care of everything for you, from air conditioning service to overhauls to drivetrain repairs.

Find out what's wrong with your vehicle